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ABI Connect offers secure and safe tools for provider-to-provider communication and authorized access to patient information. These tools enable providers in their practice to:

This interoperability platform serves as a seamless information exchange between ABICLINICS providers and referring physicians (new and existing). The exchange of timely data eliminates duplicate tests, enhances coordinated care, improve quality/accuracy, and offers new opportunities for research.

About ABI Connect

Having complete information about our patients is a key to providing comprehensive quality care. ABI Connect provides information on how community providers and ABICLINICS use technology to coordinate communication and the access to comprehensive health information. ABICLINICS has invested in a suite of tools for providers to efficiently and effectively document, access, and exchange pertinent patient information for ABICLINICS patients so that this vital information is accurate and available when needed by the providers.

The suite of available technology tools has been adopted to address the needs of all types of community providers:

Voluntary physicians can take advantage of the electronic medical record (EMR) program and adopt an EMR for their community practice. Providers will benefit from seamless integration with ABICLINICS for when that provider is seeing their patients while at the hospital.

Community providers who have their own medical records and are interested in data exchange between ABICLINICS and their practice can utilize the ABICLINICS Health Information Exchange (AHIE). The implementation of this tool will enable the hospital to route a variety of results to a practice such that the information is available directly in their EMR.

Hospitals, Community providers, Nursing Homes, Health Home Agencies and other ABICLINICS partners who are interested in participating in Direct Secure Messaging (DSM) between hospital EMR’s and their practice can leverage the ABICLINICS Health Information Service Provider (AHISP) and Portal solution. The standards and protocols implemented as part of the Meaningful Use Stage 2 Transition of Care measure were designed to promote the secure exchange of Protected Health Information (PHI) from provider to provider, and provider to patient – ultimately to improve clinical outcomes, quality and lower the cost of patient care.

Community providers can also obtain access to CareLink. This web portal allows authorized community providers access to patient information at ABICLINICS. Providers must first obtain consent from their patients to access the patient information. Once patient approval is obtained, a provider can have access to consult notes and other important health information once it is available to provide timely and efficient care for their patients.

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