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Emergency Reporting

ABICLINICS is committed to the best practices and continual improvement of its Emergency Response Procedures and Guidelines. The basic emergency procedures at ABICLINICS are provided to protect lives through the effective use of our internal resources. Should an emergency arise or escalate, we at ABICLINICS are always there to respond within minutes.

Our Emergency Response Procedure

1. Online & Phone Reporting

The very first stage to report an emergency is to give us a call at: +234-810-159-0659

2. Data Collection & Verification

After reporting your emergency , our system will store and transfer your data for assessment and verification in less than 2 minutes. 


3. Swift Response

After verifying the true identify of a registered patient on a emergency situation, our emergency team will embark on a swift response with our ambulance. 


4. Treatment Preparation

Prior to the arrival of our emergency team, the patient medical history will be accessed and we will get prepared to rescue the patient.


For emergency via phone, please note:
Say: “This is an emergency” and give our emergency response personnel the following information:

Stay on the line until you are sure no further information is required. After notifying our emergency personnel, wait for the arrival of our emergency personnel and direct them accordinly.